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Dress Responsibly

Caring for Your Clothes

We want you to buy fewer of our clothes. Which sounds weird coming from people trying to flog you clothes.

But our clothing is built to be worn and if it’s properly looked after, it should last to be passed on to other little punks.

Some laundering tips

If you don’t need to wash a garment, don’t. The more you wash ‘em, the shorter their life.

Wipe away dirt and grime as a first resort.

If washing is necessary, The Fableists clothes are made to survive a 30°C wash.

Our clothes are made using natural dyes and pigments, so it is only natural that some of these will run when first washed. If in doubt, just stick ‘em in the wash with similar colours.

Use as gentle a cycle as possible and hang dry to save the clothes, the planet and some dosh on your electricity bill.

We recommend eco-friendly detergents, which have minimal aquatic toxicity and will biodegrade quickly.

Avoid hot washes with a fast spin cycle and the tumble dryer. They have a habit of shrinking clothes, so save yourself the hassle. It’s not easy getting your son to wear a crop top out.

If you’re concerned that bacteria might survive a cold-water wash, try a naturally antibacterial essential oil like tea tree oil, peppermint, oregano, lavender, lemon, thyme or eucalyptus.

This won’t wipe out 100% off the bacteria but will take out a fair whack. It’ll also give your washing a lovely fresh scent - and who doesn’t like smelling fresh?

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural chemical and it is very effective at killing bacteria. It is safe on skin but does have a bleaching effect, so don’t go wild and pour loads in, yeah?

A top all round disinfecting product is plain old white vinegar. It’ll remove bacteria and stains and it also removes the build-up of soap scum. It’ll soften the water, leaving your washing soft and fluffy. Little punks love fluffy clothing, ya’know.

Take it easy on the tumble. Hang to dry as much as possible. If you need to tumble, try to shorten your load. Take clothes out slightly damp and fold ‘em straight away. It’ll save you a load of ironing. You’re welcome.

And avoid dryer sheets. They’re full of icky chemicals. They’ll mess up the organic fibres and reduce the lifespan of your clothes. Nobody’s got time for that.

Some other sneaky tips: 

Sodium Bicarbonate, or baking soda will remove stains and soften your fabric. It also helps deodorise.

Lemon juice will remove perspiration stains and is a great alternative to bleach.

Sodium Carbonate, or washing soda is a great water softener, which increases the cleaning properties of the soap. It also cleans clothes on its own and disinfects.

Salt is a great abrasive for scrubbing tough stains.

Vegetable oil based soaps, also known as pure soap or castile biodegrades completely.